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Current Projects

Current Projects



Since the start of B2 Environmental, Inc. our client base has grown to encompass government and state agencies, large contractors, transportation and education. As we continue to grow, our clients return to us because our consistent work on new and existing projects. The following projects are a wide array of services that we provide for our clientele. 



B2 Environmental, Inc. (B2E) performed environmental surveys of  over 2,000 bridges in twenty-three states since 2012. These surveys have been in support of a system-wide upgrade and maintenance program. This program is ongoing.

B2E’s environmental services include: coordination with local contactors, locating & identifying bridges within the system with a GPS system, conducting environmental surveys to include asbestos, LBP and PCB’s, collecting current photographs and drawings, and completing a final report which included; survey data, location information, photographs, drawings and contact information into a company database;



US Environmental Protection Act (EPA)- Grand Island, NE

B2 Environmental is responsible for operating and maintaining a ground water extraction and treatment system, using exsitu air stripping technology in accordance with all federal, state, and local requirements; with a maximum capacity to treat up to 2,000 gallons of water per minute.



Hawarden Regional Healthcare- Nebraska

Providence Tarzana Medical Center- California
Campus wide Hazardous Materials Survey (Asbestos, lead-based paint, universal waste, PCB caulks) | Asbestos Air Monitoring (during asbestos abatement) | Lead-based paint Air Monitoring (during LBP abatement) | Dust Air Monitoring (during stucco removal) | Project Design | Soil Sampling (for petroleum contamination) | Mold Inspection (visual, surface samples, air samples) 

York General Health Care Services- Grand Island, NE
Asbestos Surveys | IAQ Assessments | Microbial Assessments


Housing Authority of Texarkana Texas- Nebraska
Noise Study | Lead Paint Survey | Asbestos Survey | Photo Logs | Phase 1

Elkco Properties- Nebraska
Phase I & II ESAs | Asbestos Survey

Park N Go- Nebraska
Phase I & II ESAs

Nuvera Homes- California


Ahera 3 year Inspections

Grand Island, NE

Arnold Public Schools
Bertrand Public Schools
Centennial Public Schools
Central Community College
Doniphan-Trumbull Public Schools
Gordon-Rushville Public Schools
Grand Island Northwest Public Schools
Grand Island Public Schools
Hampton Public Schools
Kearney Public Schools
Sargent Public Schools
Syracuse-Dunbar-Avoca Public
University of Nebraska at Kearney



Los Angeles, CA

Colton Joint Unified School District
Fontana Unified School District
Glendale Community College
Orange Unified School District
Providence High School
The Center for Early Learning

Omaha, NE

Columbus Public Schools
Fremont Public Schools
Omaha Public Schools
Papillion-LaVista Schools

Shickley Public School
Westside Community Schools
Scribner-Snyder Community School