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B2E is a woman-owned, small business, full service environmental, health and safety consulting firm with more than 25 years experience.


Regardless of the size or complexity of your commercial or residential project, environmental contracting calls for highly specialized skills and knowledge from start to finish. We do it right. Your piece of mind is ensured by our focus on safety competitive pricing, minimal disturbance, discretion, responsiveness and dedication. 


Environmental consulting

Whether it’s asbestos, lead, moisture intrusion, or the threat of construction-related infection, environmental problems can strain budgets, delay projects, and complicate seemingly ordinary tasks. There are solutions, and B2 Environmental, Inc. consultants want to help you find them.



Development, Construction, Remodeling, and Loan Financing for commercial projects require Due Diligence.  Choosing B2E as your environmental consultant will help you discover and navigate through many unforeseen environmental risks and expenses.  


Whether you want to purchase, sell, renovate, demolish a structure or simply respond to tenant air quality complaints, B2 Environmental can assist in meeting the regulatory requirements quietly, responsively and cost effectively. 


Water / wastewater

B2E provides comprehensive water-related services; water resources management, wastewater & storm water management, Wetlands assessment; and water intrusion inspection services. 


B2 Environmental, Inc. works with all types of companies on various types of structures to not only identify project needs but also to design and oversee remediation plans.  Choose B2E to serve as your on-site representative before, during, or after remediation.


Hazardous Waste Management

There can be many risks when dealing with hazardous waste materials. B2 Environmental, Inc. has a team of trained individuals who attend to clients’ concerns when dealing with hazardous waste removal and disposal. We offer confined spaced entry, tank cleaning, soil remediation, asbestos, lead, & mold removal, and disposal both publicly and privately.


Industries We Serve


Our professionals routinely perform asbestos and lead-based paint inspections, design hazardous material abatement plans and sample indoor air quality  (IAQ) to determine ambient airborne concentrations of standard IAQ pollutants in primary, secondary and higher education facilities.


From environmental assessment to physical defects such as asbestos, radon, lead-based paint, and moisture intrusion issues, we assume the responsibility to find effective and creative solutions for our clients. 


Commercial / Industrial

We work daily with railroads, power plants, manufacturing facilities, and industrial centers. The professionals at B2 Environmental, Inc. understand the importance of managing day to day operations while navigating through environmental problems of any size.  



We understand the complexities and risks involved with working in sensitive environments.  B2 Environmental, Inc. will help you identify hazardous materials and present you with solutions, plans for remediation, and the safest and smartest approach to limit exposure to patients and staff.

Government & Defense

Government & Defense

B2 Environmental, Inc. has extensive experience working with government agencies, military organizations, housing, healthcare, and other specialty facilities to complete projects involving environmental planning, compliance, waste management, and remediation.


A fast response to obtain critical, scientific data can quickly pinpoint the root cause of responsibility needed in order to protect insured assets and manage claims.  We look out for your interests at every phase.


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